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The next entry will deal a little bit with cultural appropriation, tradition and diversity.

In the media recently there was a great furor for a situation where two American girls “appropriated” Mexican gastronomy, and then this friend made an article where he mentioned that appropriation and theft not only happened a lot in gastronomy, but it happened all the time in Mexican food, which in turn is a product of mestizaje (the mixture of Spanish cuisine and pre-Hispanic cuisine).

So, while we are very proud to be Mexican and to generate authentic food, we believe that it the right time to open the door to cultural diversity, after all that is how many of the world’s biggest dishes have been born

So we have assembled a list of dishes who combine Mexican food with some other dish of the world.

The Pizza Sandwich

This peculiar dish combines the highest Italian cuisine with Mexican cuisine to create an exquisite and exotic dish: The pizza sandwish. Born in the city of Tijuana, this dish combines the roast cake, but instead of using bread uses two slices of pizza.

A delicacy, we want to believe.

The taco pizza

Like the pizza cake, the taco pizza takes advantage of the popularity of Italian cuisine to innovate Mexican food. So here is the thing , you basically have a pizza, but instead of putting a topping you have tacos on top. Genius!


Ok, ok, maybe that was not high cuisine, but the next dish was created by renowned chef Antonio de Livier. The dish is a lucky fusion between the Jalisco birria and the Japanese ramen noodles. The base is birria, made with guajillo chili, pasilla, cumin and beef slices (among other spices), to which freshly cooked noodles are added. And as tradition dictates, you have to accompany it with onion, cilantro, a few drops of lemon and spice.

Ramen burguer

Keizo shimamoto created the ramen burger from his love for both American and Japanese culture. While studying the preparation of ramen in Japan, he saw that they prepared some pork sandwiches with bread made from ramen and from there was born his idea to combine the ramen with the American hamburgers. Although it seems simple, the burger ramen is also the product of a great chef trying to combine elements of two very different dishes.

These are some examples of what can be created from cultural diversity. Perhaps abominations to some, perhaps genius work to others, but we can not deny that they attract our attention in a unique way.

Have you ever mixed two completely different dishes? What would you like to try?


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