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So you are ready to have your big party or event. You invited the people and chose the perfect place

But what about the food?

You can’t serve just about anything!

No, the food must be perfect for the type of event you are planning. Lucky for you, we are here to help you choose the best catering for your guests so you don’t end up with a disaster in your hands.

First thing first: have a clear idea of what you want for your event.

Is it a corporate event or a family one? Is it for children or employees? Is it formal or casual? All of this is important when choosing the food you are serving, never underestimate your guests!

Pizzas in a bow and tie event could be an enourmous mistake, for example.

Altough to be honest, there is no bad moment for tacos!

Secondly: know what you are ordering!

A common mistake in catering is ordering a service without being sure what you are going to get.

Don’t be afraid to ask! It’s your event, ask for all the details and be sure to be satisfied with your order. That’s why here at taquizas josé we make sure our menus are as clear as posible and we’re always open to personal costumization.

Thirdly, having enough food for all the people you invited.

You can never be sure how many people are going to show up to your event

But there is nothing worse than going to a party and find out the food run out before you got there

Once your guests realize there is a shortage of food they will go crazy!

Ok, maybe that won’t happen, but you should have enough food for all the people that show up to your party. It’s always better to have more than not having at all!

And lastly, have several dishes to choose from!

Don’ have just one dish, have several options! Even a vegetarian option is a good idea!

You will never know what exactly is what make your guests tick and not everyone is going to like the same

for example, here at taquizas José we offer several types of dishes in every menu: from gorditas to quesasillas, to every type of meat like adobada pork, chicken and fish.

We can assure you the best party in town!


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