Great games for your next Taquiza Party!

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So you have everything you need for your party, you have the food, you have the music and the guests, but guess what? People want to party! So you gonna have to come with some serious good games if you really wanna catch your people´s attention.

Worry not, we´re here to help you. Physical games are great for people who want to get a Little cardio in this day and age where cellphones and Tablets seem to have take over of our daily life, but even if you dont want to get all physical, you still can have a lot of fun, the point is to get creative and enjoy! So without further ado we share you a list of great games for your next taquiza party.

Tag - This one just to get the heart pumping. Someone have “it” and must tag somebody else, the rest of the guests must run like hell from this person! This game is better for an outdoor party. You can come up with some variations of the game, like having people wear a bandana and the chaser must collect them all!

Hide and seek- A classic and a kids favorite. Basically someone seeks and the rest hide. You can add extra difficulty with a timer for the seeker, or make it a tag game too, so if someone find you, you ll have to run before they catch you.

Soccer- If you have enough people to make teams why not play a Little bit of soccer? You can actually play any sport you want, but since you are having a taquiza why not have a traditional soccer match to go with it? Footbal (soccer) and tacos, there´s no better combination.

Sticker Stalker- Now this where you get creative. This is a fun game you can play during all the party. Basically everyone have a set of stickers top ut on the other guests, as stealthy as posible. The first to run out of stickers wins the game.

Laughing Game- let´s see who can keep a straight face for the longest time while everyone else is trying to make him laugh. It can be done in groups, or two people facing eache other, like a duel. No tickles alllowed!

The Mummy- ok,ready for this one? Each team has a person playing the mummy, the first team to cover his mummy with toilet paper wins! Extra points if your mummy can walk without losing his costume!

Musical chairs – Another classic game. Basically, you have people dancing aroung chairs and when the music stops everyone mus find a seat, players without a chair are eliminated until there´s only one man standing…or sitting, you know.

Two Truths and a Lie- this one is a lot of fun. People take turns to say three statements about themselves and the rest of the players must figure out which one is the lie. Its funnier if the guests knows each other in advance.

Freeze Dance – so you have your people dancing and busting moves all over the place when suddently the music stops, the must freeze right there on the spot or they are eliminated, last person wins the game, prepare for some crazy postures

This are, of course, just suggestions, you can come up with your own crazy games to play at your next taquiza, maybe you even have some favorites already, what games you play at your parties?

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