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Hi everyone, welcome to another entry of our blog here in taquizas José. In this occasion we want to invite you to know Mexico more thoroughly. If you are planning a vacation do not hesitate to have it as your first option.

we will show you some typical places and their typical dishes, so that you go well prepared and know what to look for.


Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and one of the most interesting to visit for its architecture that combines tradition and technological

What to eat:

From Guadalajara we recommend two typical dishes to taste. First the classic birria

(We also prepare a delicious birria, check out our menus)

And tortas ahogadas (Drowned cakes is a literal translation, they are more like sandwishes soaked in salsa)

Be careful! They can be very spicy. Taste the salsa first and add according to your tolerance

Ciudad de México (Mexico city) :

The largest city in Mexico and Latin America, you’ll go crazy with everything you can do here. From traveling by metro, going to concerts and cultural events in Bellas Artes and the infinite amount of museums and restaurants, we are sure you will not get bored.

What to eat:

Being the capital of the country, in Mexico City you can find a great variety of dishes but we want to recommend you tacos al pastor, known in the north as adobada beef tacos. Delicious! Try them in different spots until you find your favorites

(Yes, we also prepare some delicious tacos al pastor or “adobada beef”).


One of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, full natural and rural landscapes. It is one of the country’s places with the highest tradition, full of bright and lively colors.


What to eat:

Tamales! There are no better tamales than those made in Oaxaca, if you find yourself in the city do not hesitate to try them

And of course, the delicious mole, considered one of the most representative dishes of Mexico


Chiapas is one of the most exotic places in the country. You can explore jungle, forests and mangroves between rivers and waterfalls.

Known also for it’s rich tradition and it’s connection to the Mayan world, you will find a lot of pre-Hispanic architecture worth visiting.


What to eat:

Because of its great roots to the pre-Hispanic world, in Chiapas you can find some of the most exotic dishes for the modern world.

We mainly recommend to try Chicatana ants, if you are looking for something really out of the ordinary

If you do not feel so adventurous you can also try some delicious tamales from Chiapas made of Chipilín (A type of herb)


Veracruz is one of the most interesting places in Mexico, famous for its coasts and for being an Olmeca sacred area, this tourist destination will leave you marveling at it’s beauty

What to eat:

You can’t leave Veracruz without trying a delicious fish a la veracruzana (Veracruz style).



One of the most beautiful cities in the north part of the country and visited every year by hundreds of tourists. It is a beach town located a few hours from the border with the United States

What to eat:

Lobster style Puerto Nuevo is one of the most popular and representative dishes of Baja California

And of course the fish tacos and the tacos “Gobernador”

These are only some suggestions, Mexico is a country so large and so rich that there are so many things to do and discover.

Have you visited? Tell us what did you liked the most? What dishes stole your heart?


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