Taco Awareness month

Great games for your next Taquiza Party!
Great places to visit and eat in Mexico

Imagine this, a friend of yours or maybe your own mother calls you and says “Don´t eat anything! I´m bringing tacos!” What´s is your reaction?

Yeah isn’t? You start thinking on those Delicious tacos

And you just cannot wait to have them with you…

Then your mother gets home or whoever is bringing you the tacos and you are already ready for them

So you open the bag, almost drooling, and this guy comes out

A hard Shell taco?! I know, dude…

I know, I know…

That isn’t a taco, not a real one, sorry


Sorry, dude. You aren’t a real taco, don’t look us like that

Hard Shell Tacos are not real tacos, stop this!


Look, I know you guys are trying hard but (no pun intended) hard Shell tacos aren’t real authentic Mexican tacos, let’s end this once and for all

So we’re declaring July as the Real taco awareness month, If you wanna know what makes a good taco, we wrote a Little bit abou this here: (Whats a good taco?)

And check this out! Real authentic delicious mexican tacos:


Bonus, mexican gorditas:

Take no imitations, eat real mexican food.



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