The most expensive taco in the world or what to do with 25,000 dlls

Avoiding catering mistakes
It’s christmas time!

Please go watch this video first:

Ok, ready?

Woah! That’s quite an expensive taco if you ask me.

And it completely beats the point of a real taco in the first place,

I mean, you are eating gold?! Seriously?!

We don’t want to sound like your ethics teacher here, but do you know how many people can you feed with that money?

25, 000 Dollars for a taco! You could buy a car with that money and still buy some lunch for you and your friends (For like a whole week!).

that’s why we said it completely beats the point of a real taco.

A taco is a light lunch, a humble dish to share with family and friends. It comes from deep Mexican tradition, where food is a moment of sharing. Eating one single taco for an outrageous quantity of money is not what tacos is all about!

So without further ado, we present you a variety of options for the next time you have 25,000 dollars lying around. Thankfully, you won’t spend it all in one single lousy gold taco.

1. Travel!

Go to the jungle or Europe, get crazy with this one. Stay in a nice hotel, travel to Mexico and eat a bunch of tacos and drink a lot of cheap tequila! Invite dinner to every person you meet. That sounds a lot more fun than eating a (single) gold taco.

2. Buy a (Cheap) house.

In some locales, a $10,000 down payment gets you a three-bedroom home that will rent for twice your mortgage payment.

Heck, do an open house party there and invite Taquizas José so all your guests can eat all the tacos they want!

3. Buy a car, fill it with tacos, and eat them all.

Just an idea, it sounds fun.

(Put some salsa on top).

4. Give it away!

I mean, giving your money away to people in need sounds a lot better than spending it in one single dish only for you. You could even feed the poor with a taquiza, giving away hundreds and hundreds of tacos!

5. Make the biggest taco party ever!

With those 25,00 dlls you could make the craziest taco party in your city!

You will feed hundreds of people and everyone will love you!

Imagine this: hundred of tacos, gorditas and quesadillas! Dozens of cooks serving tacos all around the place , everyone is happy, world peace fulfill it with just 25,000 dlls worth of (real) tacos.

Hey like John Lennon said: I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

So what would you do with 25,000 dlls? Would you buy a really expensive gourmet dish? Would you invest it wisely or do some crazy stuff with the money? Tell us in the comments!


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