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Hello, so we have been writing a lot about tacos related stuff but not actually about tacos, so we’ll like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the origins of the taco.

The origins of the taco are a bit muddle up but it can be traced back to old Mexico, before the Spanish Conquest. Some say that Emperor Moctezuma used tortillas as a spoon, but this is arguable. Tortillas were already there, tought, and they were named “Tlaxcalli” although they were used differently at first, like “tostadas” or “Gorditas” (we’ll talk more about this foods in another entry, for now lets just say this are the taco cousins).

Other possible origin for the taco came from Olmeca tradition where the women used to wrap their’s men food in a corn like Tortilla, so they could eat it after long work hours.

These tortillas were heated in stones, since there were no stoves or comales (Frying pan) around that time.

Now, believe or not, tacos have Arabic ancestry too! At least the adobo pork taco, or as its call in some part of mexico “Tacos al pastor”. These tacos were created after adapting the shawarma, a libanese dish, and replacing the lamb meat with pork.

But what can be call the actual birth of the taco as we know it, with the kind of beef we use today, and the first ever taquiza, was product of a Celebration by Hernán Cortez for his captains, mixing aspects of prehispanic food and Spanish brought traditions Still, there has been so much change throughout the years and there are so much variations throughtout the territory of Mexico (And the world!), that this post only try to sketch up the origins of the taco, on upcoming entries we will try to see what kind of crazy tacos the world have to offer for us.

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