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Hi there, it’s Mr. José here. This year is going fast! I barely had any time to start my new year’s resolution but that’s ok, it means I’ve been busy working and that’s always good (I should start that diet anytime soon tough, maybe next year ha!).

So instead of focusing on new year ‘s resolutions that I can barely follow, I have decided to focus on a couple of important points to keep in mind throught the year.

1.- Family come first. Yes, this year started with a lot work, wich means abundance for our families but always remember to spend quality time with them!

2.- Eat more healthy/take care of yourself. Maybe  you are like me and can’t really follow a strict diet, but always keep in mind to eat a bit more healthy, day by day.

3.- Follow your long term goals. Don’t change your goals every so often, I think it’s better to follow a plan year after year, that’s what I Did and look at me now! I’m the king of tacos! (Ok maybe that’s not truth but that’s my long term goal).

Do you have any goals in your life that you have been working year after year?

Tell us in the comments!

Whatever your resolutions are, don’t forget to enjoy and celebrate life, any time is good for a taquiza with the family and friends. We have a menu for asada, adobada, chicken, fish and birria taco lovers. Let us take care of your catering!



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