7 exotic tacos you can find in a Taco stand in Mexico

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Today I want to write about all the exotic tacos in Mexico.

There are steak tacos, fish fillet tacos, taco beans, octopus tacos in its ink, chicharrón tacos, suadero tacos, tacos with the flour tortilla or corn tortilla, tacos with sauce or without sauce, tacos with cheese or without cheese, obtaining as a result, tacos that would give a very original touch to your catering. That’s why the trivago.com.mx portal, made a list of the most exotic tacos in Mexico. Here I share some exotic tacos from the list, would you dare to try them in your next taquiza?


  1. Pejelagarto Tacos from Tabasco

The pejelagarto is an endemic fish that is found in the rivers of the region, and although it doesn’t seem to be very appetizing, its meat has a great flavor, which allows elaborating numerous dishes with it. How about some iguana tacos for your catering?

(Credits: © flickr – César Rincón)


  1. Chiapas Iguana Tacos

Iguana meat is considered by many a delight, in addition, it has a high nutritional value. How about some iguana tacos for your next pachanga?

(Credits: © flickr – Santa Pauli)


  1. Arab Tacos from Puebla

This taco was created by Jorge Tabe, a Poblano who came from Iraq to implement a business specialized in Arab cuisine. It’s served with flour tortilla and its meat is usually pork or lamb.

(Credits: © flickr – Daniel Dionne)


  1. Tacos Gobernador from Sinaloa

Legend has it that they were created at the governor’s wife request, to celebrate the success of his election campaign. Mexicans celebrate everything with tacos.

(Credits: © flickr – Ron Dollete)


  1. Campechanos Tacos from Campeche

In these tacos, we can find a combination of different types of meats and stews. The most common is to find them with steak and sausage, chorizo, onion, cilantro and salsa.

(Credits: © flickr – Soho Taco)


  1. Asado de boda Tacos from Zacatecas

These tacos became a classic food at weddings, to honor the bride’s family. It’s based on pork chopped into pieces and accompanied by a sweet and sour red sauce.

(Credits: © flickr – I do believe in Mexico)


  1. Maguey Worm Tacos from Hidalgo

The maguey worm is a butterfly larva that lives in the maguey leaves and feeds on its roots. It is a food with high protein value of prehispanic origins. Would you dare to try it?

(Credits: © flickr – Rainiy city)


Without a doubt, this succulent Mexican creation is one of the dishes with the greatest variety for all tastes and can be accompanied by many ingredients.

In our Taquizas, we don’t have iguana tacos or worm tacos, but we do have everything you need to delight your guests with our catering services, in your pachanga. Follow us on Facebook as Taquizas Jose, and find all the offers we have for you.


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