4 basics for a perfect taquiza

You can not miss anything! A taquiza where tacos of different types of meat or stew abound and everyone can eat the amount they want is […]

4 básicos para la taquiza perfecta

¡No te puede faltar nada! Una taquiza donde abundan los tacos de diferentes tipo de carne o guiso y cada quien puede comer la cantidad que […]

10 most EXOTIC TACOS in Mexico & the World

Exotic tacos When we talk about mexican cuisine, we talk about tacos. Undoubtedly, this food has managed to captivate people in all parts of the world, […]

Los 10 Tacos Más Exóticos en México y el Mundo

Tacos exóticos Cuando hablamos de gastronomía mexicana, hablamos de tacos. Sin duda alguna, este alimento ha logrado cautivar a personas en todas partes del mundo, quienes […]

Tacos vs Granola

You’ve probably heard before about foods considered as healthy or light without actually being healthy, but wait, we have great news! This will sound quite strange […]

Tacos vs Granola

Anteriormente ya se habían dado a conocer datos sobre otros alimentos considerados como sanos o light sin serlo realmente, pero espera, ¡tenemos una gran noticia! Esto […]

How often do you get angry?

How often do you get angry? I’ll tell you what kind of sauce you are based on how often you get angry. Welcome, I bring you […]

¿Qué tanto te enojas?

¿Qué tanto te enojas? Te digo qué salsa eres Bienvenido, te traigo otra interesante entrada en nuestro blog. Hoy he preparado una pequeña guía para que […]

International Taco Day

  The month of March comes with many important days, one of them is the international taco day. Of course there are many types of foods […]

Tacos For Valentines

  I remember when I saw María for the first time. Her huge brown eyes and long black hair hypnotized me. When I saw her, I […]

The first taquiza ever in history

Just started a new year and with this a new story, however we continue with the same story as well: Delicious tacos and the best service, […]

Let’s taco ’bout Christmas

Christmas, one of the most anticipated and most delicious dates of the year, so many colors, lights and lots of food. And speaking of Christmas, in […]


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite celebrations because it brings together many families, throughout the country. It reminds me a lot of my cultural roots, as […]

Mexico’s patriotic month (and delicious food)

September is the month of Mexican independence, and as a good Mexican that I am, I will celebrate with the best of traditional food, surrounded by […]

7 exotic tacos you can find in a Taco stand in Mexico

Hello! Today I want to write about all the exotic tacos in Mexico. There are steak tacos, fish fillet tacos, taco beans, octopus tacos in its […]

The ideal sauce for your taquiza

Hi! It’s Mr. José. To me, if something has no sauce, it’s not complete. Taquiza without sauce? Forget about it. That’s why I share two simple […]

Are you ready for spring time?

I know I am! Spring it’s my favorite season of the year! The flowers blossom and the sun shine so good! I am not really a […]

The most important things in life, beside tacos.

Hi there, it’s Mr. José here. This year is going fast! I barely had any time to start my new year’s resolution but that’s ok, it […]

Our new website!

We are back, sorry for all the inconveniences that website being down may have caused you! 2018 has started and we are ready for it! Meanwhile, […]

It’s christmas time!


The most expensive taco in the world or what to do with 25,000 dlls

Please go watch this video first: Ok, ready? Woah! That’s quite an expensive taco if you ask me. And it completely beats the point of a […]

Avoiding catering mistakes

So you are ready to have your big party or event. You invited the people and chose the perfect place But what about the food? You […]

4 dishes to celebrate cultural diversity

The next entry will deal a little bit with cultural appropriation, tradition and diversity. In the media recently there was a great furor for a situation […]

Great places to visit and eat in Mexico

Hi everyone, welcome to another entry of our blog here in taquizas José. In this occasion we want to invite you to know Mexico more thoroughly. […]

Taco Awareness month

Imagine this, a friend of yours or maybe your own mother calls you and says “Don´t eat anything! I´m bringing tacos!” What´s is your reaction? Yeah […]

Great games for your next Taquiza Party!


The origins of the taco


10 fun facts about tacos

We know a lot about tacos here at Taquizas José, believe us. We have gathered a couple of stone written facts upon years and years of […]

What kind of taco are you?


So what’s a good taco?