The most expensive taco in the world or what to do with 25,000 dlls

Please go watch this video first:



Ok, ready?



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Woah! That’s a quite an expensive taco if you ask me.


And it completely beats the point of a real taco in the first place,


I mean, you are eating gold?! Seriously?!



We don’t want to sound like your ethics teacher here, but do you know how many people can you feed with that money?


25, 000 Dollars for a taco!  You could buy a car with that money  and still buy some lunch for you and your friends (For like a whole week!).



that’s why we said it completely beats the point of a real taco.


A taco is a light lunch, a humble dish to share with family and friends. It comes from deep Mexican tradition, where food is a moment of sharing. Eating one single taco for an outrageous quantity of money is not what tacos is all about!


So without further ado, we present you a variety of options  for the next time you have 25,000 dollars lying around. Thankfully, you  won’t spend it all in one single lousy gold taco.


1.- Travel!


Go to the jungle or Europe, get crazy with this one. Stay in a nice hotel, travel to Mexico and eat a bunch of  tacos and drink a lot of cheap tequila! Invite dinner to every person you meet.  That sounds a lot more fun than eating a (single) gold taco.


2.- Buy a (Cheap) house.


In some locales, a $10,000 down payment gets you a three-bedroom home that will rent for twice your mortgage payment.


Heck, do an open house party there and invite Taquizas  José so all your guests can eat all the tacos they want!


3.- Buy a car, fill it with tacos, and eat them all.


Just an idea, it sounds fun.


(Put some salsa on top).


4.- Give it away!

I mean, giving your money away to people in need sounds a lot better than spending it in one single dish only for you. You could even feed the poor with  a taquiza, giving away  hundreds and hundreds of tacos!



5.- Make the biggest taco party ever!


With those 25,000 dlls you could make the craziest taco party  in your city!



You will feed hundreds of people and everyone will love you!



Imagine this: hundred of tacos, gorditas and quesadillas!  Dozens of cooks serving tacos all around the place , everyone is happy, world peace fulfill it with just 25,000 dlls worth of (real) tacos.




Hey like John Lennon said: I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.


So what would you do with 25,000 dlls? Would you buy a really expensive gourmet dish? Would you invest it wisely or do some crazy stuff with the money? Tell us in the comments!







Avoiding catering mistakes

So you are ready to have your big party or event. You invited the people and chose the perfect place…

But what about the food?

You can’t serve just about anything!

No, the food must be perfect for the type of event you are planning.  Lucky for you, we are here to help you choose the best catering for your guests so you don’t end up with a disaster in your hands.


First thing first: have a clear idea of what you want for your event.


Is it a corporate event or a family one? Is it for children or employees? Is it formal or casual? All of this is important when choosing the food you are serving, never underestimate your guests!

Pizzas in a bow and tie event could be an enormous mistake, for example.

Although to be honest, there is no bad moment for tacos!


Secondly: know what you are ordering!


A common mistake in catering is ordering a service without being sure what you are going to get.

Don’t be afraid to ask! It’s your event, ask for all the details and be sure to be satisfied with your order. That’s why here at Taquizas José we make sure our menus are as clear as possible and we’re always open to personal customization.


Thirdly,  having enough food for all the people you invited.


You can never be sure how many people  are going to show up to your event.

But there is nothing worse than  going to a party and find out the food run out before you got there.

Once your guests realize there is a shortage of food they will go crazy!

Ok, maybe that won’t happen, but you should have enough food for all the people that show up to your party. It’s always better to have more than not having at all!


And lastly, have several dishes to choose from!


Don’ have just one dish, have several options! Even a vegetarian option is a good idea!

You will never know what exactly is that make your guests tick and not everyone is going to like the same.

for example, here at Taquizas José we offer several types of dishes on every menu: from gorditas to quesadillas, to every type of meat like adobada pork, chicken, and fish.


We can assure you the best party in town!

have you ever been in a catering disaster? Has one of your parties been a success solely for the food? Tell us!

4 dishes to celebrate cultural diversity

The next entry will deal a little bit with cultural appropriation, tradition and diversity.


In the media recently there was a great furor for a situation where two American girls “appropriated” mexican gastronomy, and then this friend ( made an article where he mentioned that appropriation and theft not only happened  a lot in  gastronomy, but it happened all the time in Mexican food, which in turn is a product of mestizaje (the mixture of Spanish cuisine and pre-Hispanic cuisine).


So, while we are very proud to be Mexican and to generate authentic food, we believe that it the right time  to open the door to cultural diversity, after all that is how many of the world’s biggest dishes have been born, like the adobada beef taco or taco al pastor (Which you can find on our menu and read more about it in this article)


So we have assembled a list of  dishes  who combine Mexican food with some other dish of the world.



The Pizza Sandwich



This peculiar dish combines the highest Italian cuisine with Mexican cuisine to create an exquisite and exotic dish: The pizza sandwish. Born in the city of Tijuana, this dish combines the roast cake, but instead of using bread uses two slices of pizza.


A delicacy, we want to believe.


The taco pizza



Resultado de imagen para taco pizza



Like the pizza cake, the taco pizza  takes advantage of the popularity of Italian  cuisine to innovate Mexican food. So here is the thing , you basically have a pizza, but instead of putting a topping you have tacos on top. Genius!






Resultado de imagen para birriamen



Ok, ok, maybe that was not high cuisine, but the next dish was created by renowned chef Antonio de Livier. The dish is a lucky fusion between the Jalisco birria and the Japanese ramen noodles. The base is birria, made with guajillo chili, pasilla, cumin and beef slices (among other spices), to which freshly cooked noodles are added. And as tradition dictates, you have to accompany it with onion, cilantro, a few drops of lemon and spice.


Ramen burguer


Resultado de imagen para ramen burger

Keizo shimamoto created the ramen  burger from his love for both American and Japanese culture. While studying the preparation of ramen in Japan, he saw that they prepared some pork sandwiches with bread made from ramen and from there was born his idea to combine the ramen with the American hamburgers.


Although it seems simple, the burger ramen is also the product of a great chef trying to combine elements of two very different dishes.


These are some examples of what can be created from cultural diversity. Perhaps abominations to some, perhaps genius work to others, but we can not deny that they attract our attention in a unique way.


Have you ever mixed two completely different dishes? What would you like to try?



Great places to visit and eat in Mexico

Hi everyone, welcome to another entry of our blog here in Taquizas José. On this
occasion, we want to invite you to know Mexico more thoroughly. If you are
planning a vacation do not hesitate to have it as your first option.

we will show you some typical places and their typical dishes so that you go
well prepared and know what to look for.




Resultado de imagen para guadalajara

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and one of the most
interesting to visit for its architecture that combines tradition and
technological progress.

What to eat:

From Guadalajara we recommend two typical dishes to taste. First the classic birria.



Resultado de imagen para birria guadalajara

(We also prepare a delicious birria, check out our menus)


And tortas ahogadas (Drowned cakes is a literal translation, they are more
like sandwiches soaked in salsa).



Resultado de imagen para tortas ahogadas


Be careful! They can be very spicy. Taste the salsa first and add according to
your tolerance.


Ciudad de México (Mexico City) 




Resultado de imagen para ciudad de mexico



Resultado de imagen para ciudad de mexico

The largest city in Mexico and Latin America, you’ll go crazy with everything you
can do here. From traveling by metro, going to concerts and cultural events in
Bellas Artes and the infinite amount of museums and restaurants, we are sure
you will not get bored.

What to eat:

Being the capital of the country, in Mexico City, you can find a great variety of
dishes but we want to recommend you tacos al pastor, known in the north
as adobada beef tacos. Delicious! Try them in different spots until you find
your favorites.


Resultado de imagen para tacos al pastor

(Yes, we also prepare some delicious tacos al pastor or “adobada beef”).




Resultado de imagen para oaxaca



Resultado de imagen para oaxaca

One of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, full of natural and rural landscapes. It
is one of the country’s places with the highest tradition, full of bright and
lively colors.

What to eat:

Tamales! There are no better tamales than those made in Oaxaca, if you find
yourself in the city do not hesitate to try them.



Resultado de imagen para oaxaca tamales



And of course, the delicious mole, considered one of the most representative
dishes of Mexico.



Resultado de imagen para mole oaxaca




Resultado de imagen para chiapas



Resultado de imagen para chiapas

Chiapas is one of the most exotic places in the country. You can explore
jungle, forests and mangroves between rivers and waterfalls.

Known also for it’s rich tradition and it’s connection to the Mayan world, you
will find a lot of pre-Hispanic architecture worth visiting.

What to eat:

Because of its great roots to the pre-Hispanic world, in Chiapas you can find
some of the most exotic dishes for the modern world.

We mainly recommend trying Chicatana ants, if you are looking for something
really out of the ordinary.



Resultado de imagen para hormigas chicatanas salsa



If you do not feel so adventurous you can also try some delicious tamales from
Chiapas made of Chipilín (A type of herb).



Resultado de imagen para chipilín tamales




Resultado de imagen para veracruz



Resultado de imagen para veracruz



Veracruz is one of the most interesting places in Mexico, famous for its coasts
and for being an olmeca sacred area, this tourist destination will leave you
marveling at it’s beauty.

What to eat:

You can’t leave Veracruz without trying a delicious fish a la veracruzana
(Veracruz style).



Resultado de imagen para pescado a la veracruzana gourmet




Resultado de imagen para ensenada



Resultado de imagen para ensenada

One of the most beautiful cities in the north part of the country and visited every
year by hundreds of tourists. It is a beach town located a few hours from the
border with the United States.

What to eat:

Lobster style Puerto Nuevo is one of the most popular and representative dishes
of Baja California.



Resultado de imagen para langosta puerto nuevo



And of course the fish tacos and the tacos “Gobernador”



Resultado de imagen para tacos gobernador

These are only some suggestions, Mexico is a country so large and so rich that
there are so many things to do and discover.

Have you visited? Tell us what did you liked the most? What dishes stole your

July, Taco awareness month

So… let´s imagine this, a friend of yours or maybe your own mother calls you and says “Don´t eat anything! I´m bringing tacos!” What´s is your reaction?

Yeah isn’t?  You start  thinking on those Delicious tacos


And you just cannot wait to have them with you…

Then, your mother gets home or whoever is bringing you the tacos and you are already ready for them

So you open the bag, almost drooling, and this guy comes out

 A hard Shell taco?! I know, dude…

I know, I know…


That isn’t a taco, not a real one, sorry


Sorry, dude. You aren’t  a real  taco, don’t look us like that

Hard Shell Tacos are not real tacos, stop this!


Look, I know you guys are trying hard but (no pun intended)  hard Shell tacos aren’t real authentic Mexican tacos, let’s end this once and for all

So  we’re declaring July  as the Real taco awareness month, If you wanna know what makes a  good taco,  we wrote a Little bit abou this here: (What´s a  good taco?)

 And check this out! Real authentic delicious mexican tacos:




Bonus, mexican gorditas:

Take no imitations, eat real mexican food






Great games for your next Taquiza Party!

So you have everything you need for your party, you have the food, you have the music and the guests, but guess what? People want to party! So you’re gonna have to come up with some serious good games if you really wanna catch your people´s attention.


Worry not, we´re here to help you. Physical games are great for people who want  to get a Little cardio in this day and age where cellphones and Tablets seem to have take over of our daily life, but even if you dont want to get all physical, you still can have a lot of fun, the point is to get creative and enjoy! So without further ado we share you a list  of great games for your next taquiza party.


Tag-  This one’s just to get the heart pumping.  Someone  have “it” and must tag somebody else, the rest of the guests must run like hell from this person! This game is better for an outdoor party. You can come up with some variations of the game, like having people wear a bandana and the chaser must collect them all!


Hide and seek-  A classic and a kids favorite. Basically someone  seeks and the rest hide. You can add extra difficulty with a  timer for the seeker, or make it a tag game too, so if someone find you, you ll have to run before they catch you.


Soccer– If you have enough people  to make teams why not play a Little bit of soccer? You can actually play any sport you want, but since you are having a taquiza why not have a traditional soccer match  to go with it? Footbal (soccer)  and tacos, there´s no better combination.


Sticker Stalker– Now this where you get creative. This is a fun game you can play during all the party. Basically everyone have a set of stickers top ut on the other guests, as stealthy as posible. The first to run out of stickers wins the game.


Laughing Game–  let´s see who can keep a straight face for the longest time while everyone else is trying to make him laugh.  It can be done in groups, or two people facing eache other, like a duel. No tickles alllowed!


The Mummy- ok,ready for this one? Each team has a person playing the mummy, the first team to cover his mummy with toilet paper wins!  Extra points if your mummy can walk without losing his costume!


Musical chairs – Another classic game. Basically, you have people dancing aroung chairs and when the music stops everyone mus find a seat, players without a chair are eliminated until there´s only one man standing…or sitting, you know.


Two Truths and a Lie– this one is a lot of fun. People take turns  to say three statements about themselves  and the rest of the players must figure out  which one is the  lie. Its funnier if the guests knows each other in advance.


Freeze Dance –  so you have your people dancing and busting moves all over the place when suddently the music stops, the must freeze right there on the spot or they are eliminated, last person wins the game, prepare for some crazy postures


This are, of course, just suggestions, you can come up with your own crazy games to play at your next taquiza, maybe you even have some favorites already, what games you play at your parties?


The origins of the taco

Hello, so we have been writing a lot about tacos related stuff but not actually about tacos, so we’ll like to take this opportunity  to talk a little bit about the origins of the taco.


The origins of the taco are a bit muddle up but it can be traced back to old Mexico, before the Spanish Conquest. Some say that Emperor Moctezuma used tortillas as a spoon, but this is arguable.  Tortillas were already there, tought, and they were named  “Tlaxcalli” although they were used differently at first, like “tostadas”  or “Gorditas” (we’ll talk more about this foods in another entry, for now lets just say this are the taco cousins).


Other possible origin for the taco came from  Olmeca tradition where the women used to wrap their’s men food in a corn like Tortilla, so they could eat it after long work hours.


These tortillas were heated in stones, since there were no stoves or  comales (Frying pan) around that time.


Now, believe it or not, tacos have  Arabic ancestry too! At least the adobo pork taco, or as its call in some parts of Mexico, “Tacos al pastor”. These tacos were created after adapting the shawarma, a libanese dish, and replacing the lamb meat with pork.


But what it  can be call the actual birth of the taco as we know it, with the kind of beef we use today, and the first ever taquiza,  was  product of a Celebration by Hernán Cortez  for his captains, mixing aspects of prehispanic food and Spanish brought traditions

Still, there  has been so much change throughout  the years and there are so much variations throughtout   the territory of Mexico (And the world!), that this post only try to sketch up the origins of the taco, on upcoming entries we will try to see what kind of crazy tacos the world have to offer for us.


Taco: Origins

10 fun facts about tacos

We know a lot about tacos here at Taquizas José, believe us.  We have gather a couple of   stone written facts upon years and years of experience. So without further ado, here they are:


1.- Everyone loves tacos (Yes, that’s a fact)


2.- the taco was invented in 1800 by Hernán Cortez…Well actually that’s not true , the taco comes from Olmeca tradition, where the women used to put their men’s food on big tortillas so they could eat the food after long exhaustive work journeys.


3.- TACOS are illegal in at least 23 country for being too awesome (True fact, look it up)


4.- Tacos it’s the principal cause preventing people going Vegan (source needed*)


5.- In Old México they were about three gods, each one for a type of taco (True fact, look it up)


6.- Tacos are way better than drugs. Say no to Drugs, say yes to tacos.


7.- You can base your whole diet  in tacos and live a perfectly healthy life (Source needed*)


8.- Taco translate to “light lunch”. Totally not true, I eat at least six tacos in one sitting!


9.- I once saw a kid  who ate 1,000 tacos in a contest, he stood healthy as horse for the rest of his life.

10.-Why other food sucks but taco don’t?Mostly because tacos have guacamale, you know, Gua- Ca- Mo –Le. No other food have guacamole, except you know, tacos wannabe. Eat tacos, baby.


So there you have it,  what other taco facts you know?


Tacos, tacos!

What kind of taco are you?

Welcome to another entry  in our blog, here at taquizas José. Today we have prepared a guide so  you can know what kind of personality you have, based on your favorite taco.


That´s right, our group of researchers have reduced personality traits to 6 main characteristics, one for each taco.


The studies have been carried out over 10 years in Taquizas José, so you can rely on the veracity of the data.


Taco de asada (Beef taco).


The classic. Your personality is more traditional and even a little more conservative. You prefer to take the safe route, but not because of  shyness, no, it’s because you like things well done. Your personality is secure, traditional and fun , like a beef taco.


Adobada pork Taco (Marinated taco).


Bold and spicy. You like  risks and  take on adventures when you have the opportunity. Like the marinated taco, it’s the little details that stand out in your personality. That little touch of pineapple that you carry in you, is the wink of your heart.


Chicken Taco


The chicken taco is a  little more timid than the rest. Something lighter and for all tastes. Although maybe timid is not the right word, introverted is closer. The chicken taco, like you, is much more subtle in its flavors. You do not come screaming into a room, but who knows how to appreciate your personality, will know the secrets that you keep behind your shy appearance.




The quesadilla is basically a cheese taco. Simple, minimalist, elegant. That’s you.


Fish Taco


You love nature and the sea. The fish taco perfectly describes your passionfor nature. Fish taco, like you, tastes very different from other tacos prepared with terrestrial animals, but that’s who you are: Different.


Taco de birria


Ah, back to the roots, I see. Traditionally baked on land. A hole is made and at the bottom are placed stones previously heated.  That sounds like something you would do. Or maybe not. But birria is more traditional, and even stricter than the beef taco. Your personality as your character is strong, and I hope it is just as delicious as a cup of birria.


So tell us, what kind of taco are you?



So what’s a good taco?

We live in an ever changing world were our cultures are mixing more than ever, giving us exciting  new combinations in music, culture and food.


And yet, although it’s so beautiful that the world has accepted Mexican food as one of their favorite , this doesn’t mean every taco would be a great taco.


Nothing is more disastrous than having bad tacos or worse yet, having something that doesn’t even resemble a taco!


So what’s  makes a great and authentic Mexican taco?


Firstly, The tortilla! Of course. The tortilla must be made with fresh corn  and it should be soft! Not hard.  Tacos with hard tortilla aren’t tacos, that’s a tostada, and that’s a whole different story… So, yeah, don’t do that, Tacos are made with fresh, soft an delicious corn tortillas.


Guacamole!, obviously. Now, this can be a personal choice, but C´mon Who doesn’t like Guacamole?


Salsa! Adjust it to your personal tolerance to hot and spicy food, but without salsa it ain’t a taco.


Onions, cilantro and everything else! In México we have a saying that  goes “Con todo!” wich means “With everything!” and that´s how a taco should be eaten, do not nitpick and taste all those delicious flavors!


Now, jokes aside, you can put whatever you want to your tacos, we’re not here to judge. We celebrate Mexican food is so loved worldwide. But if you want to taste an authentic taco with all the flavor of Mexico, you know where to find us.


So how do you like your tacos?  What’s the weirdest thing you  have put into a taco?

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