10 fun facts about tacos

What kind of taco are you?
The origins of the taco

We know a lot about tacos here at Taquizas José, believe us. We have gathered a couple of stone written facts upon years and years of experience. So without further ado, here they are:

1.- Everyone loves tacos (Yes, that’s a fact)

2.- the taco was invented in 1800 by Hernán Cortez…Well actually that’s not true, the taco comes from Olmeca tradition, where the women used to put their men’s food on big tortillas so they could eat the food after long exhaustive work journeys.

3.- TACOS are illegal in at least 23 countries for being too awesome (True fact, look it up).

4.- Tacos it’s the principal cause preventing people going Vegan (source needed*)

5.- In Old México they were about three gods, each one for a type of taco (True fact, look it up)

6.- Tacos are way better than drugs. Say no to Drugs, say yes to tacos.

7.- You can base your whole diet in tacos and live a perfectly healthy life
(Source needed*)

8.- Taco translate to “light lunch”. Totally not true, I eat at least six tacos in
one sitting!

9.- I once saw a kid who ate 1,000 tacos in a contest, he stood healthy as
horse for the rest of his life.

10.-Why other food sucks but taco don’t?Mostly because tacos have
guacamale, you know, Gua- Ca- Mo –Le. No other food have guacamole,
except you know, tacos wannabe. Eat tacos, baby.

So there you have it, what other taco facts you know?

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