So what’s a good taco?

What kind of taco are you?

We live in an ever changing world were our cultures are mixing more than ever, giving us exciting new combinations in music, culture and food.

And yet, although it’s so beautiful that the world has accepted Mexican food as one of their favorite , this doesn’t mean every taco would be a great taco.

Nothing is more disastrous than having bad tacos or worse yet, having something that doesn’t even resemble a taco!

So what’s makes a great and authentic Mexican taco?

Firstly, The tortilla! Of course. The tortilla must be made with fresh corn and it should be soft! Not hard. Tacos with hard tortilla aren’t tacos, that’s a tostada, and that’s a whole different story… So, yeah, don’t do that, Tacos are made with fresh, soft an delicious corn tortillas.

Guacamole!, obviously. Now, this can be a personal choice, but C´mon Who doesn’t like Guacamole?

Salsa! Adjust it to your personal tolerance to hot and spicy food, but without salsa it ain’t a taco.

Onions, cilantro and everything else! In México we have a saying that goes “Con todo!” wich means “With everything!” and that´s how a taco should be eaten, do not nitpick and taste all those delicious flavors!

Now, jokes aside, you can put whatever you want to your tacos, we’re not here to judge. We celebrate Mexican food is so loved worldwide. But if you want to taste an authentic taco with all the flavor of Mexico, you know where to find us.

So how do you like your tacos? What’s the weirdest thing you have put into a taco?

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