What kind of taco are you?

So what’s a good taco?
10 fun facts about tacos

Welcome to another entry in our blog, here at taquizas José. Today we have prepared a guide so you can know what kind of personality you have , based on your favorite taco.

That´s right, our group of researchers have reduced personality traits to 6 main characteristics, one for each taco.

The studies have been carried out over 10 years in Taquizas José, so you can rely on the veracity of the data.

Taco de asada (Beef taco).

The classic. Your personality is more traditional and even a little more conservative. You prefer to take the safe route, but not because of shyness, no, it's because you like things well done. Your personality is secure, traditional and fun , like a beef taco.

Adobada pork Taco (Marinated taco).

Bold and spicy. You like risks and take on adventures when you have the opportunity. Like the marinated taco, it's the little details that stand out in your personality. That little touch of pineapple that you carry in you, is the wink of your heart.

Chicken Taco

The chicken taco is a little more timid than the rest. Something lighter and for all tastes. Although maybe timid is not the right word, introverted is closer. The chicken taco, like you, is much more subtle in its flavors. You do not come screaming into a room, but who knows how to appreciate your personality, will know the secrets that you keep behind your shy appearance.


The quesadilla is basically a cheese taco. Simple, minimalist, elegant. That's you.

Fish Taco

You love nature and the sea. The fish taco perfectly describes your passionfor nature. Fish taco, like you, tastes very different from other tacos prepared with terrestrial animals, but that's who you are: Different.

Taco de birria

Ah, back to the roots, I see. Traditionally baked on land. A hole is made and at the bottom are placed stones previously heated. That sounds like something you would do. Or maybe not. But birria is more traditional, and even stricter than the beef taco. Your personality as your character is strong, and I hope it is just as delicious as a cup of birria.

So tell us, what kind of taco are you?

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