Mexico’s patriotic month (and delicious food)
Let’s taco ’bout Christmas

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite celebrations because it brings together many families,
throughout the country. It reminds me a lot of my cultural roots, as you already know, for
latinos it’s very important to be reunited with the family on such symbolic dates like this one.

I love the Christmas colors and smells coming from Thanksgiving. The food is fantastic, but
sometimes I feel the lack of those rich culinary creations from every Tuesday: THE TACOS.

That is why this Thanksgiving, I have proposed to make a Tacogiving. It’s exactly the same as
Thanksgiving, but on the menu there are grilled carne asada tacos, mulitas, chicken tacos,
quesadillas, birria tacos and of course: GUACAMOLE. Mmmm, imagine the taste!

Since you’re already here, visit the menu section and discover many ways to improve or
complement your Thanksgiving and make it very special… Or better yet, make your own

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