Let’s taco ’bout Christmas

The first taquiza ever in history

Christmas, one of the most anticipated and most delicious dates of the year, so many colors,
lights and lots of food. And speaking of Christmas, in Mexico, it’s one of the most important
dates, where most families come together to live and share moments of happiness, and where
we also prepare to cook. That’s why this time we will talk about the dishes that are cooked in
Mexico during the Christmas season, in addition to the delicious tacos we already know.
We invite you to get to know them!

Bacalao (Cod)
A dish that is very representative and traditional. Consists of salted cod, accompanied by the
general rule of the so-called “Vizcaína” sauce. You can also use the pollack under the same
preparation, with onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and olive oil. Definitely a recipe that is

Undoubtedly, turkey is the most traditional dish on Christmas and even though it is not a dish
originally mexican, we have taken care of giving it that touch by putting ingredients to our
liking. As filling it with ground pork or beef and vegetables.

The Champurrado
This is a perfect drink to accompany your desserts. It is an “atole” of corn to which chocolate
and water are added with a touch of vanilla and which is finally boiled until it has the right
texture or until it’s thick, very typical in our country and delicious.

Christmas Apple Salad
The perfect dessert for after Christmas dinner consisting of apple, grape, walnut, cream and
sugar, very easy to prepare and nutritious.

The Buñuelos
As a dessert we also have the buñuelos, traditional in Mexico for their flavor and consistency,
they are made with honey, piloncillo and cinnamon. During the Christmas season you can see a
lot of sugary buñuelos, sometimes they are also prepared in some national holidays.

Have you tried some of these traditional Mexican dishes before? We invite you to try them and
also to celebrate this Christmas with our delicious tacos with the best seasoning.
Happy holidays, wishes you Taquizas José!

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