The first taquiza ever in history

Let’s taco ’bout Christmas
Tacos For Valentines

Just started a new year and with this a new story, however we continue with the same story
as well: Delicious tacos and the best service, but talking about the tacos, do you know their

The taco has been part of the mexican culture since its inception, whether it be “al pastor”,
“carnitas”, barbecue, birria, “carne asada”, chicken, chile, avocado, among others; The taco
has an incredible variety that is loved by all corn tortilla lovers. Although its origin is
unknown, it is believed that the taco was born as the basis of the Olmec diet thanks to the
first vestiges of “nixtamalized” corn.

In an interview with Jeffrey M. Pilcher, researcher and professor at the University of
Minnesota, who has been devoted to the investigation of mexican food in the last twenty
years and is about to publish the book Global History of Mexican Food where it is said that
Moctezuma used the tortilla as a “spoon” to hold the food, which were prepared on hot
stones and decorated with cochineal, beans and chili. Women used to send food, in tortillas,
to men who worked long hours in the fields and could heat it and eat it. According to Bernal
Díaz del Castillo, the banquets organized by Hernán Cortés for his soldiers were based on
pork dishes with tortillas.

In fact, in True History of the Conquest of New Spain, Coyoacán witnessed the first taquiza in
history. Since then, the taco became the base dish consumed in all areas of the Conquest.
Interesting, right? Since then when something is celebrated or commemorated we do it with
tacos, therefore if you have an event and / or meeting good tacos are the best option.
Happy new year 2019, from all of us at Taquizas José!

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