Tacos For Valentines

The first taquiza ever in history
International Taco Day


I remember when I saw María for the first time. Her huge brown eyes and long black
hair hypnotized me.

When I saw her, I knew immediately that I wanted to be with her, but how could I
make her notice me? I thought of endless details: flowers, chocolates, love letters,
stuffed animals, among other gifts.

All these gifts were well received, of course, but there was something else to
convince Maria that I was her ideal man. At that moment I came up with a great
idea: prepare a taquiza for María.

Taquizas always bring together all the people that matter most to you; and in a
month where love is in the air, that’s invaluable.

So I used a table for two people; I placed a red tablecloth; I placed ornaments,
flowers and of course, the tacos. She was amazed because no one had ever done
something like that for her. That night we laughed, and we kissed for the first time.
Did you know we Latinos are very romantic?

Making it happen was not an easy task, but I learned that being original and putting
a lot of effort (and my wallet), you can achieve any goal, even if it seems difficult.
So this is my advice I give you: do something different for that special person. Make
her laugh, be authentic.

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So, what is your love story?

With love,
Don José.

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