International Taco Day

Tacos For Valentines
¿Qué tanto te enojas?


The month of March comes with many important days, one of them is the
international taco day.

Of course there are many types of foods that provide everything our body needs,
what would be surprising to know is that the taco is one of these delicious and
complete meals, although they have a reputation for being greasy and unhealthy,
we will show you the nutritional benefits of its ingredients so that you eat them all
month without guilt.

Its basic ingredients are:
Onion: Provides vitamins B, C and E, fiber and stimulates appetite.
Lemon: Contains vitamin C and antioxidants making it strengthen the immune
Cilantro: It is an antioxidant, it contains vitamin A and C
Meat: Provides protein and iron.
Tortilla: Vitamin A, B and C, it is also rich in fiber and calcium.
Are you ready to celebrate Taco Day with us?

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