How often do you get angry?

¿Qué tanto te enojas?
Tacos vs Granola

How often do you get angry? I’ll tell you what kind of sauce you are based on how
often you get angry.

Welcome, I bring you another interesting entry on our blog. Today I have prepared a small
guide so you can know how temperamental you are, according to your favorite sauce.

Once again, the Taquizas José group of researchers has reduced the temperament types to 3
main characteristics, one for each type of sauce.

The studies have been carried out for more than 10 years in Taquizas José, so you can trust
the veracity of the data.

Habanero sauce

Explosive! Although you want to hide it, you get smoke up your ears, any little thing makes
you explode, it’s a matter of time (a long time) to get it off. I try to get away from this kind of
people a bit.


You do not explode, you stay calm, you know it’s not that important and you do not need to
make a storm in a glass of water. You keep enjoying life.

Red sauce

Sometimes spicy and other times you just need to spice things up. You get angry but you let
it go quickly, you try to stay calm but sometimes it’s impossible.

So now you know, the sauce you put on your tacos says a lot about you.

Written by Don José

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