Tacos vs Granola

Tacos vs Granola
Los 10 Tacos Más Exóticos en México y el Mundo

You’ve probably heard before about foods considered as healthy or light without actually
being healthy, but wait, we have great news!

This will sound quite strange or unreal, it will make your jaw drop… Tacos are healthier than
a granola bar!

The University of the Americas in Puebla, conducted an investigation and showed as results
that tacos “al pastor” style and with cochinita pibil are healthier than a granola bars because
the taco is composed of tortilla (cereal), meat (protein), salsa, pineapple, onion or cilantro
(fruit and vegetables), while a granola bar has mostly cereals and large amounts of sugar in
the form of honey.

These are the results of eating 5 tacos al pastor with EVERYTHING:

Fat: 11.92%

Protein: 20.77%

Carbohydrates: 23.51%

These are the results of eating a cup of Granola:

Fat: 14.4%

Protein: 8.9%

Carbohydrates: 9.5%

Now you know! Believe me. So if you forget to eat a bowl of granola with yogurt, go running
for about 5 taquitos “al pastor” with a lot of salsa.

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