10 most EXOTIC TACOS in Mexico & the World

Los 10 Tacos Más Exóticos en México y el Mundo
4 básicos para la taquiza perfecta

Exotic tacos

When we talk about mexican cuisine, we talk about tacos. Undoubtedly, this food has
managed to captivate people in all parts of the world, who have been responsible for making their most exotic versions of tacos.

We present you the 10 most exotic tacos in Mexico and the world.


1. Sushi tacos

For sushi lovers this is one of the best ways to eat it.


2. Pejelagarto” tacos

“Pejelagarto” tacos are some of the most exotic dishes in the state of Tabasco, that you can not miss.


3. Iguana tacos

Iguana is one of the most exotic dishes of mexican cuisine and what’S better thank enjoying it in tacos.


4. Ramen tacos

Ramen tacos do exist! Apparently these rare tacos replace the tortilla with ramen, and as a curious fact: They are inspired by the a cartoon called “Escandalosos”.


5. Lobster tacos

Delight your palate with exquisite lobster tacos.


6. Escamoles tacos

The escamoles or also known as the ”mexican caviar’’, they are ant eggs. How many tacos of this delicious delicacy would you eat?


7. Alpaca tacos

Animals as adorable as the alpaca can also be enjoyed in tacos.


8. Pizza tacos

Pizza and tacos are two good options to accompany an afternoon with friends, why don’t we combine them?


9. Kangaroo tacos

Australians also have their favorite version of tacos… Kangaroo tacos!


10. Ice cream tacos

Who said that tacos can’t be dessert?


These are just some of the exotic tacos that roam the world, and it’s clear to us that there are TACOS for ALL kinds of tastes.


Tell us which one would you like to try.

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