4 basics for a perfect taquiza

4 básicos para la taquiza perfecta

You can not miss anything! A taquiza where tacos of different types of meat or stew abound and everyone can eat the amount they want is ideal, but there are 4 details that you must take into account to make your next taquiza a success.

1. Very warm tortillas.

An essential element to make a taco. The amount of tortillas varies according to the number of your guests, ideally, there are two kilograms for each type of taco you want to serve. The golden rule with tortillas is that they must be corn.

2. The meat or stew.

It can be roasted meat, chicken, marinated, birria, fish, sausage with potatoes, pork rinds, etc. You can choose your favorite type of meat and stews, ideally, you have a variety for your guests.

3. Sides.

We can not forget the sides. The tacos would look very sad without their sauces or guacamole. Other supplements that can not be missing in your taquiza are quesadillas or mulitas, refried beans, rice, grilled vegetables, sausage, and fruit trays.

4. Mexican “aguas frescas”.

Taquiza that is respected, has “aguas frescas”. The hibiscus flower and horchata
drinks are essential. The most common is to serve the water in “vitroleros” with ladles and that each one is served.

I hope you took note of these details for your next meeting. Remember that tacos are excellent when it comes to bringing people together.

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