Christmas time is here!

¡Llegó la Navidad!

Finally the long awaited christmas time is here, the time to get along with friends and family.

At this time of the year everything turns cozy and filled with joy, families dinning together, friends spending time together remembering the old times and catching up.

We all have different ways to spend this worldwide holiday, some go back to their hometowns, others take the opportunity to go on vacations. But at the end it’s all a time to relax and enjoy who you are with.

You know what reminds me of a time where we all get along in a similar way, a great Taquiza, back in Mexico a Taquiza is a way of getting together, catch up and eat some great tacos, just like Christmas but with tacos.

We wish you all a merry joyful Christmas from all of us at Taquizas José!

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