What I wish for the most this 2020

Lo que más deseo para este 2020
No estás listo para el Super Bowl sin esto

Even with the hangover and the extra pounds because of the slight excesses of the last weeks, it’s time to establish the goals and purposes that, with each new year, come to be fulfilled or not, as often happens, right?

Being very honest with you, I’m not much of the idea of setting ​​goals to do every year. I think I can start working on my goals at any time when I decide to do so.

For 2020 I have decided to focus on one thing: being with my family and my closest friends. Celebrating the good times and achievements that will come in the year and the best way to celebrate them, is to be together with a great taquiza.

Fortunately, I know the right staff to perform the perfect taquiza, do you know who I mean? The answer is simple: the staff of Taquizas José and me of course! If you plan to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding or any other achievement, do not hesitate to consider us for your catering service. We can create a personalized quote for you.

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Mr. Jose

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