You are not ready for the Super Bowl without this

No estás listo para el Super Bowl sin esto
Todo lo que necesitas es amor tacos

It’s time to celebrate like a champion with the offer we have for you. I warn you that this year’s Super Bowl will not be the same with this combo.

We offer you our Menu #2 for only $8 per person.

Includes free:

Half tray of rice (5 lbs).

Half tray of refried beans (5 lbs).

Half tray of fresh salsa with chips.

Do not forget to mention the promo code: SUPERTACOSUNDAY. The offer will be available for parties with 50 guests or more. Applies for new orders only and will only be valid on February 2, 2020.

Watching this event without your favorite food can be torture. Prepare your gathering and call us (619) 433-4624. Remember to follow me on my social networks for more offers.

Mr. José

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