Tell me what’s your favorite season of the year and I will tell you what kind of taco lover you are

Dime cuál es tu estación del año favorita y te diré qué tipo de taco lover eres
All types of tacos that exist

The arrival of summer is a somewhat controversial event since for some it’s synonymous of
holidays, joy, beach, and the 4th of July. For others, it can mean unbearable heat, sweat
throughout the body, and the discomfort it causes.

I think that summer is the best time to enjoy the ideal taquiza in my patio, outdoors, and
with my loved ones. I can already feel the taste of those delicious carne asada tacos,
accompanied by my favorite soda. It’s time to plan that taquiza with the family.

Anyway, throughout the year there are a variety of climates, as well as taco lovers around the
world, and today I am going to tell you how to identify the type of taco lovers that you are
because of the climate of your preference.

If you prefer winter …

You are a warm taco lover, who shows his emotions only to people who earn your trust, even
for that reason you like the cold, to share your warmth with these special people. You don’t
like to put hot salsa on your tacos. You prefer lemonade over jamaica, for vitamin C. You
hardly exercise.

If you prefer spring …

You are a very neutral taco lover, you almost never get irritated with anything and you order
asada and adobada tacos. You like hiking or camping with your family or friends. You like all
flavored drinks, but not with much sugar.

If summer is your thing …

You are a very temperamental taco lover, you change your mood quickly. You always put hot
salsa to your tacos, even if they already include it. Your favorites are those adobada tacos
with a lot of guacamole, if it doesn’t have enough you can get mad. Jamaica flavored water is
never lacking. You put your family and friends above all else. You only exercise at this time.

If you love fall …

You’re a taco lover who loves the party and pumpkin spice lattes. Your favorite tacos are
carne asada tacos and you like to add any salsa available. Your preferred flavored drink is
horchata. You always wear the best costume on Halloween.

With all this information, what type of taco lover do you consider yourself? Share your result
with your loved ones or your friends.

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Mr. Jose

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