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As you may already know, tacos are a very representative food of my culture. It’s a very easy to prepare food and very versatile due to the large number of things you can put on it. Although I want to clarify that because it is an easy meal to prepare, it does not mean that everyone prepares it well. Sorry.

It’s an art to put delicious carne asada (or the kind of meat you like) in one or two corn tortillas. You have to know how to prepare meat and select the perfect tortillas. Anyway, today I want to tell you about the types of tacos that exist, you are going to be surprised.

Some particular types can be distinguished, based on their type of meat or its preparation. Many people consider that a taco is born with the mere act of rolling or folding a tortilla with something inside.

By type of meat
These types of tacos are mainly filled with pork and beef, among these are gut tacos, arrachera tacos, brain tacos, steak tacos, suadero tacos, tacos with escamoles, and basket tacos (tacos de canasta).

Tacos al pastor
The main ingredient for these tacos is pork marinated in achiote or ancho chili, orange, vinegar, and pepper. These are accompanied by a piece of pineapple, the tortilla is small and sometimes two are used, one on top of the other.

Tacos de carnitas
Made with pork cooked in lard (fat).

Longaniza taco
Prepared with sausage, a long sausage, stuffed with minced pork.

Tacos al carbon
They contain any meat roasted on charcoal coals, commonly it’s beef, pork, or chicken.

Carne asada tacos
As the name suggests, they are tacos with roast beef. They are generally consumed in restaurants specialized in carne asada dishes.

Cochinita tacos
Cochinita is a traditional dish from the state of Yucatan. It’s prepared by bathing the pork with adobo (achiote) and leaving it to marinate for at least an hour.

Arabic taco
Very popular in the state of Puebla, it is a mexican variant of the Arab shawarmas, it was the latter who started selling them in Puebla.

Barbecue taco
Contains lamb, mutton, or beef in the northern states. It can be served traditionally, with a soft tortilla, or with the rolled tortilla covering the meat or fried in oil, covered in cream and fresh cheese.

Taco de birria
It’s made with goat meat, which is bathed in a special sauce and cooked in a clay oven for hours. The birria is served as a thick broth, it’s also a typical Jalisco dish.

Tacos de cabeza
They are steamed tacos with meat from cow or lamb head. They include the tongue, ear, eye, brains, and cheek.

Chicken tacos
This taco is made with cooked and minced chicken, mole, onion, and is accompanied with an tortilla made with, corn flour, wheat flour, lard, salt, and water.

Tacos a la Siberia
They are prepared with a large tortilla in oil with crumbled chicken breast accompanied by cream, guacamole, and jalapeño pepper.

By type of preparation

Tacos dorados
These tacos are made from freshly made corn tortillas and are usually filled with shredded meat from chicken, beef, pork or barbecue, beans, or potato with cheese.

Suadero taco
This type of taco is prepared with two fried tortillas and a portion of suadero (beef) is added on top and can be accompanied with cilantro, onion, lemon, salt, and either red or green sauce to the taste of the diner.

Taco de canasta
They are tacos that are prepared with small corn tortillas and are heated with steam using a pot called “vaporera”. These tacos are distinguished by being oily, sweaty. Stews are generally made from potatoes, beans, or shredded beef.

Taco placero
It’s the taco with an easy filling and that does not involve cooking, such as dry pork rinds, cheese, or any stew, with prepared nopales, fresh cheese, avocado, and “hierba de pápalo”.

Stew tacos
They are tacos made of typical Mexican dishes, such as chicharrón in green sauce, rib in Morita chile, “entomatado” of pork loin, chiles stuffed with cheese, green mole with chicken or pork, picadillo, steak in pasilla chile, egg with ham, egg in sauce, sausage with potatoes, etc.

Tacos ahogados
There are many recipes for this preparation, but it consists of a taco that is drowned in a light sauce, and served.

These tacos are made with a tortilla folded and fried in oil, which makes it hard and ready to be filled with potatoes, meat, beans, etc. plus some kind of green leafy salad.

These are just some of the diversity in the world of tacos. So many ingredients and so many ways to prepare them, that we would not finish in a day talking about this topic.

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