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Sometimes our clients and friends think of us, and they only remember the delicious carne asada tacos that we prepare, with avocado, onion, and fresh salsa.

But this article is to explain and remind you that we are much more than carne asada tacos. It’s true! We have more on our menu to surprise you and your guests. I don’t know, maybe you will even invite us to your parties more often. YES!

If you are a fan of chicken tacos or want a lighter option, we have them, check out our MENU NO. 1, which includes carne asada tacos and chicken tacos.

If your thing is adobada (pork) tacos, then request our MENU NO. 2.

That’s not all, we also offer birria (beef stew) tacos, the favorite taco for many people, and sometimes they don’t know where to find them in San Diego, we have them! And we can prepare them for your next event.

And if you are still looking for more variety, we also have grilled fish tacos, check out our MENU NO. 6.

Hey, we’re the taquiza experts, did you expect we only had one type of taco on our menus?

We want to surprise you, you already know that each menu has everything you need to prepare your tacos the way you like it.

When is your next taquiza?

– Mr. José

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