Activities and games for family fun this Thanksgiving

For a new year with more taquizas

This year, Thanksgiving is very special. This date reminds us that one of the most important things is family and today more than ever, we have to be united. 

The Covid-19 pandemic does not have to affect this celebration by staying at home. We propose the following activities that you can do as a family so that this Thanksgiving does not go unnoticed. 

The best of all is the affectionate closeness that there will be between the members of your family. Don’t take it as just another date, but as the perfect excuse to start new traditions. 

       1. Decorate cookies together 

No matter what dessert it is, as long as it has sugar, it will fascinate the little ones. Look for semi-ready cookies to make it easier. 

       2. Did someone say soccer? 

This game is ideal to play in the backyard of the house. In addition to helping them lower their bellies after such a feast, it will entertain them to the fullest. 

      3. Make thank you cards

This will teach the little ones what gratitude is, and what better way than making their own thank you cards. 

      4. Make crafts

They can make crafts with things as simple as toilet paper rolls, or old rags can make good pieces of art. Also, recycling is good for the environment. 

       5. Talk about your favorite family moments 

This activity is ideal to unite all the members and share the best family feats. 

I hope these ideas can help you and your family have a more fun Thanksgiving. Remember that to encourage everyone, any idea that brings something positive to the family is good. 

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Mr. José

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