For a new year with more taquizas

Activities and games for family fun this Thanksgiving

It has been a difficult year for everyone. We limit ourselves in many things, but everything is for the good of the most important thing in our lives: family and close friends. In this moment of establishing the goals and resolutions that, with each new year come to be fulfilled (or perhaps not), I want to continue focusing on what’s important.

For 2021 I want to focus on being with my family and my closest friends. Celebrate the good times and achievements that will come throughout the year, because even if everything seems uncertain, you always have to hope for the best.

Health is one of the main New Year’s resolutions and this year, more than ever, cannot be missed. Let’s continue taking care of ourselves and those around us, to create more wonderful moments.

The best way to create wonderful moments is to be all together accompanied by a great taquiza. Fortunately, I know the right staff to perform the perfect taquiza, do you know who I mean?

The answer is simple: the staff of Taquizas José and me mere. Best of all, we continue to adapt our service to make it safe and that you can enjoy a taquiza as it should be.

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Mr. José wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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